Yamaha TT 600E

Yamaha TT 600E

Teté was my approach to do offroad while having a road bike for traveling. My friends moved to offroad and I was longing for following. My past experience with my Montesa Cota was calling me to come back to the forest tracks.

She was a known bike in my group of friends. Thanks to her, I learned a lot, crashed a lot, and discovered that my style is far from enduro. I love tourism, on and off road, and going fast in an offroad track is not something that calls me.

I did several Saturday trips, enjoyed so much finding my way in broken tracks, crossing rivers and loosing grip in a curve and ending laying in the field.

I eventually changed my main bike to a GSA, and started to do offroad with it, so I lost interest in Teté and end up selling it to someone wanting a lightweight bike who prepared it for offroad minimal travelling.

Bike from 1996
Owned from February 2012 to July 2015
Kilometers ~2.000
Current status sold

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