Suzuki GSR 600

Suzuki GSR 600

I was in love of the Honda CB 600 Hornet, but I wanted to test a different brand. Suzuki presented their streetfighter around that time, and was the opportunity I was waiting for.

That was the change I needed: I was crazy faster behind some friends (shit, I will never forget following Isaac Feliu at Camarasa lake). I also increased my traveling range, doing the Spain round in 15 days with my girlfriend. That was the time of, a big spanish bikers community, and there was always something happening every second weekend.

I just crashed once with her, nothing serious, but refreshed again the "more power than brakes" motorbike rule.

After the Spanish round trip, I knew that the evolution was needed. I was looking for a more traveling range, and I gave it in exchange to my dream bike, an Honda VFR 800 VTEC

Bike from 2006
Owned from July 2007 to August 2010
Kilometers ~35.000
Current status sold

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