Montesa Cota 247

Montesa Cota 247

Catalunya has a big motorbike tradition. Montesa, Bultaco and Ossa brands comes from there. My motorbike love started in a village in the country side close to Barcelona surrounded by them, so eventually I could get an old unit to follow my friends through those forest tracks. The first wild biking campings, first crashes, first fixings, and the first adventures happened with this one.

Noisy, uncomfortable, strong, easy to maintain it yourself, it was a great learning bike, that brought me the taste of what the motorbikes could give to me.

One day I crashed without brakes against a wall, and that was the beginning of the end for this one. Now it sits in the cellar, being the proud donor of pieces for another unit from the '76 that my father and me got for a (never is a good time to start) restoring project.

first second
Bike from 1979 1976
Owned from 1995 from 2010
Current status deceased owned

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