Honda VFR 750

Honda VFR 750

Imagine: I own a monster (GSA), I miss the beauty of my old VFR 800 and I start to love the oldschool bikes. And one day a VFR 750 appears. The iconic bike, the grandmother of my beloved VFR 800, still pretty. Needs some love here and there, but can be done. I went for it.

Reality smashes your face, sometimes. That bike needed a lot of love. The first mechanic that helped me was more into fixing the outside and did a neat painting job, but let forgotten the inside convincing me that everything was ok. But was not. I enjoyed it for few months but then... Fuel leaks, a hole in the power at certain revs... Any given moment I talked with another mechanic and let it at his for a while, and it's still there. The engine is being refurbished, pieces are brought from US, lot of leak points are getting fixed. Sometimes you find a passionated guy that don't allow a machine to run without a minimum standard level. That is my "lucky strike", a passionated mechanic caring about my grandma.

Now I am at this point: me living abroad and the bike being taken care in my home town. Big hopes I have to eventually come home and find the bike roaming as it deserves!

Bike from 1990
Owned Spring 2014
Kilometers ~5.000
Current status owned

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