Montenegro Phone

Bags prepared at home The preparation list First stop Reaching the south of Germany Camping Wallberg at Tegernsee lake A stop in the woods About to cross to Slovenia Climbing the Mangart, Slovenia Lunch at Lake Bohinj, Slovenia I speak Slovene Savica Waterfall, Slovenia Border with Croatia Camping at Korenica, Croatia Zetjava military airport, Croatia 1 Zetjava military airport, Croatia 2 Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia 1 Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia 2 Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia 3 Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia 4 Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia 5 Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia 6 Border with Bosnia Herzegovina A stop near Donji Vrbljani, Bosnia Crash at Okandzije, Bosnia 1 Crash at Okandzije, Bosnia 2 Crash at Okandzije, Bosnia 3 Crash at Okandzije, Bosnia 4 Crash at Okandzije, Bosnia 5 Crash at Okandzije, Bosnia 6 Sarajevo, Bosnia 1 Sarajevo, Bosnia 2 Sarajevo, Bosnia 3 Sarajevo, Bosnia 4 Sarajevo, Bosnia 5 Sarajevo, Bosnia 6 Sarajevo, Bosnia 7 Border with Montenegro 1 Border with Montenegro 2 Border with Montenegro 3 following the river Piva, Montenegro Impressions from Montenegro 1 Impressions from Montenegro 2 A "victory swim" in Buljarica Beach, Montenegro Vidikovac Stegvas view 1, Montenegro Vidikovac Stegvas view 2, Montenegro War mausoleum, Montenegro The Swampy Rijeka Crnojevica, Montenegro Ferry in Kotor, Montenegro Back to Croatia Evening stop at Srebreno, Croatia 1 Evening stop at Srebreno, Croatia 2 Evening stop at Srebreno, Croatia 3 A noon rest pause in the wineries Evening swim in the Krka river, Croatia Magic Number! Nikola Tesla Memorial Area, Croatia Ferry from Krk to Cres, Croatia 1 Ferry from Krk to Cres, Croatia 2 Camping in Cres 1, Croatia Camping in Cres 2, Croatia Camping in Cres 3, Croatia Camping in Cres 4, Croatia Ferry from Cres to mainland, Croatia Back to Slovenia River in Koritnica, Slovenia Srpenica view to the Alps, Slovenia F-104 in Tolmezzo, Italy Remembering 2016 Deluxe meal in the Dolomiti, italian Alps My traditional stop in the Austrian Alps Düsseldorf! Home Some Garmin stats My hand My lovely team