Carpathians 2019

Motorbike trip following the Carpathian mountains, in 2019

Carpathians 2019 overview

This trip was a blast. After the one in 2018, where I lost the fear for the East Europe, I got the nuts to just make my way through the Carpathians. I could not make it to Bulgaria and Greece, as I only had 3 weeks, but I could enjoy Rumania, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro, suffer Ucraïne and a light repeat of Bosnia and Croatia.

Plenty of stories and memories, plenty of corners I'd love to repeat. The following are a selection of pictures from it.

Carpathians 2019 [Phone]

Pictures done with the phone, mostly on-the-go, trying to capture the vibe of the moment or curiosities that pop up.

Carpathians 2019 [Reflex]

Pictures for these moments that I take my time to get out the "big cam" and try to emulate a professional. Yeah, sure.