A list of articles, sites and other corners in internet that I want to keep track of.

πŸ”— macOS internals - Understand your Mac and iPhone more deeply by tracing the evolution of Mac OS X from prelease to Swift.

πŸ”— A Python port of the rsync-time-backup script, offering Time Machine-style backups using rsync. It creates incremental backups of files and directories to the destination of your choice. The backups are structured in a way that makes it easy to recover any file at any point in time

πŸ”— A simple, minimalistic ActivityPub instance written in C

πŸ”— A GPT 3.5 powered tool for generating regex

πŸ”— Indrets i rutes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) a Catalunya

πŸ”— AI-Powered Regular Expression Solver / Generator

πŸ”— An ai assistant in your CLI. But it knows what's on your system and can help you get things done.

πŸ”— An encyclopedia of flavors, a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants, with an interactive map

πŸ”— A free and open-source cross-platform library for the development of multimedia applications like video games using Python.

πŸ”— Step-by-step guide to learn the Python programming language in 30 days

πŸ”— Spawn a Nginx webserver with a bunch of static JSON files that behaves like a Mastodon instance

πŸ”— A command-line interface (CLI) productivity tool powered by OpenAI's Davinci model

πŸ”— List of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own server(s)